Last Days in Melbourne

Nes Mowing

Nes cutting grass using ride-on

Ed FireBunker

Ed working concrete in fire bunker

We are on our way to Tasmania again. Been in Melbourne for two months with our dear friends Nicholas and Susan on their property, Hazeldell, in the Dandenong Ranges.

The underground fire bunker Nicholas designed is almost complete and we were able to help with the concrete pour for that life saver in bushfires. We also spent some time minding the boys, Charlie and Alexander, and also Minty the cat and Goldy the dog. Nes had a first time experience twice: cutting the grass using a ride-on grass cutter and painting the inside of one of the houses on the property.

Its so nice to share space and time with Nicholas and Susan and see how they help so many people in their business, Institute of Heart Intelligence:

Next stop is a house sit in Carlton River, Tasmania, on the way to Port Arthur. We really enjoy Tassie, the climate and people. The air is clean, the water crystal and the food is exceptional in freshness and taste. Its great to be back!


Arizona+New Mexico

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

After a Chew family reunion in Dallas, TX, we undertook a road trip from Tucson, AZ, to New Mexico. The highlights were the town of Truth or Consequences by the Rio Grande, established on a hot mineral spring. Taos is very nice, especially the Rio Grande canyon and the Indian Pueblo. Drive to Santa Fe via Georgia O’Keefe studios at Ghost Ranch. Santa Fe is cute, but just south is the old coal mining town of Madrid. A unique village tucked away in a rocky valley containing a number of retreat hermitages. We stayed at the Samadhi Cave, superb.

Driving through Albuquerque to the Grand Canyon is hundreds of miles of flat desert with a meteorite crater and a Flintstone’s theme park. The Grand Canyon… just go.

Hobart to Dallas

Autumn morning flying into Sydney

Sydney clear morning

A long day flying from Melbourne to Sydney to Los Angeles to Dallas, TX. While in Tasmania we secured a house sit in Richmond, for when we return to Tasmania in September. Busy two day schedule in Melbourne meeting friends and secured retreat site for Ed in July. Nes returns to Melbourne in late August after a month in Europe with daughter ShantiMirella. Currently enjoying Chew family reunion in Plano, Texas.



Preparing food in Hobart for our hosts

Arrived in Hobart three days ago. Friend Bronwen from Melbourne is with us.

Looking for long term accommodation and venues to teach success using ancient wisdom of the East. The principles of prosperity and well-being are timeless and universal. They are the key to unlocking the hidden potential in business and your life. We will be teaching this wisdom as an evening course in Hobart over the next few weeks.

Nes+Edward travel and retreat schedule

Welcome to our travel and retreat blog.

Please bookmark the site because its where we will keep you informed of where we are and our meditation retreat schedule.

We have finished our Buddhist studies at Diamond Mountain University near Tucson, Arizona. Our teachers, Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally said we have everything we need to attain enlightenment in this life. They said that we should help others acquire the same knowledge so people can find out how to improve the quality of life generally, and to make life more meaningful.

Our aim is to set up free classes in Buddhism and meditation. Juicy themes such How Karma Works, Past and Future Lives and the True Nature of Reality will be on offer.

Please see the About Us page for our bios and other info.

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