Diamond Mountain Retreat For Peace

Diamond Mountain Temple

Diamond Mountain Temple

At the end of June, we completed the last semester at Diamond Mountain University, located two hours east of Tucson, Arizona. For Nes, it was six years of travel and study in the hot, stony desert supported by her Teachers, Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally and by a sublime band of angels in the student body.

About forty of the Diamond Mountain graduates commence a three-year retreat on 30 December this year to put into meditative practice the entire path to Buddhist enlightenment. The word enlightenment sounds vague and mystical, but Buddha taught that it is achievable by deliberately following a series of steps. The retreatants have been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism very seriously for the last six or more years, and aim to apply their studies by going into the laboratory of solitary retreat.

The website for the retreat has some inspiring blog posts discussing why people will undertake the retreat, and also some really nice photos of the crew, construction of the retreat cabins and some awesome images of the beautiful desert valley at Diamond Mountain: http://www.retreat4peace.org


Where in the world are we?

Diamond Mountain University Rainbow

Rainbow at Diamond Mountain University

Nes and Edward are currently mid-way through the second last term at Diamond Mountain University in Arizona. We return to Australia on 19 March and will be in Tasmania for six weeks.

We are making plans for evening public talks in Hobart during April and May 2010. The theme isĀ Ancient Wisdom, Modern Success and is based on the abiding truth that everything which happens to us in life comes from the way we treat other people.

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