Last Days in Melbourne

Nes Mowing

Nes cutting grass using ride-on

Ed FireBunker

Ed working concrete in fire bunker

We are on our way to Tasmania again. Been in Melbourne for two months with our dear friends Nicholas and Susan on their property, Hazeldell, in the Dandenong Ranges.

The underground fire bunker Nicholas designed is almost complete and we were able to help with the concrete pour for that life saver in bushfires. We also spent some time minding the boys, Charlie and Alexander, and also Minty the cat and Goldy the dog. Nes had a first time experience twice: cutting the grass using a ride-on grass cutter and painting the inside of one of the houses on the property.

Its so nice to share space and time with Nicholas and Susan and see how they help so many people in their business, Institute of Heart Intelligence:

Next stop is a house sit in Carlton River, Tasmania, on the way to Port Arthur. We really enjoy Tassie, the climate and people. The air is clean, the water crystal and the food is exceptional in freshness and taste. Its great to be back!


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