Red Radish


End of winter radishes from the White Beach garden

















Winter at White Beach in southern Tasmania was delightful. We planted out some winter vegetables in the garden and collected some radishes in our last days there.

Its now spring and Nes is looking after big ol’ Shuylar at Margret’s house in Richmond, and Ed is looking after the guinea pigs, Daisy the cat and two hens at Sarah’s house in Fern Tree, half way up Wellington, above Hobart.

Fern Tree is a lot closer to Ed’s new job: Arts and Cultural Development Officer at Kingborough Council.


Winter Sunset

winter sunset

Winter sunset at White Beach, Tasmania

The winter solstice in southern Tasmania at White Beach when the volcanic ash from Peru caused airline delays and wonderful sunsets.

White Beach, Tasmania

roraing beach

Roaring Beach surf at dusk - Wedge Island in the background

So, now we have settled in for winter at White Beach, Tasmania.

We are house sitting at

In actuality, we are dog sitting Rory and Lily, the two Labradors that live here.

Its a wonderful opportunity for us to do some study and meditation retreat. Its quiet and clean and located mid-way along a 2km white crescent beach on the Tasman Peninsula in the south-east of Tasmania near Port Arthur.

There are some spectacular locations nearby, on the ocean side and on the Derwent Channel side. Roaring Beach was a surprise, facing south-west into the Great Southern Ocean and has a regular north-east wind blowing offshore. This creates astonishingly good surf in a south-west swell.

Autumn in Melbourne


AngelNes with Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

The Sulphur Crested Cockatoos at Grants Picnic Ground in the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne are the fattest in the land.

Carlton River, Tasmania

rainbow dogs

Brutus and Sophie

Just completed 4 weeks house sitting in Carlton River, Tasmania. In actuality, it was dog minding. The two Alsations, Brutus and Sophie, lovely dogs, cute like puppies.

We have now decided to stay in Tasmania and will look for work and somewhere to live. Still have a couple of house sits coming up: White Beach for three months over winter and Richmond for three months during spring.

Leaving Melbourne


spirit of tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania



leaving Melbourne

Melbourne in the wake of the Spirit of Tasmania

Last Days in Melbourne

Nes Mowing

Nes cutting grass using ride-on

Ed FireBunker

Ed working concrete in fire bunker

We are on our way to Tasmania again. Been in Melbourne for two months with our dear friends Nicholas and Susan on their property, Hazeldell, in the Dandenong Ranges.

The underground fire bunker Nicholas designed is almost complete and we were able to help with the concrete pour for that life saver in bushfires. We also spent some time minding the boys, Charlie and Alexander, and also Minty the cat and Goldy the dog. Nes had a first time experience twice: cutting the grass using a ride-on grass cutter and painting the inside of one of the houses on the property.

Its so nice to share space and time with Nicholas and Susan and see how they help so many people in their business, Institute of Heart Intelligence:

Next stop is a house sit in Carlton River, Tasmania, on the way to Port Arthur. We really enjoy Tassie, the climate and people. The air is clean, the water crystal and the food is exceptional in freshness and taste. Its great to be back!

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